Why It’s Important to Register for Dance Daze® Classes


We are writing this blog post to tell you some of the many reasons why it is very important that you complete our Online Registration Form for your child’s Dance Daze® classes. If you’ve already registered your child, please be sure to share this information with your friends who will also have children participating in Dance Daze® classes!


1. Your completed Registration Form is our first introduction to you and your child–our new dance student! You may not know this, but if you purchase your child’s first Dance Daze® through a daily deal site, we have no information about you or our future student! At best, we get the first and last name of a parent or the person who purchased the deal along with a corresponding voucher code. When you complete our Online Registration Form, it tells us your child’s name, age, about any allergies or previous injuries they may have and more! While we can’t wait to meet you and your child face-to-face, the initial meeting we have with you and your family online is just as crucial! Just as you may get to know us through our social media pages and blog posts, we get to know all about you through that wonderful Registration Form. It’s so nice to get to “meet” you before meeting you!

2. Our Registration Form makes you aware of our policies and procedures. We want to make sure your family is an excellent match for the new dance family you’ll be joining when your child becomes a Dance Daze® student. While we definitely focus on learning through movement and play, we believe that enforcing certain rules and guidelines help make sure that all members of our dance family are on the same page. We don’t want you to be surprised by any of our expectations when you arrive for dance class. Instead, we’d rather you learn as much information about our organization and programs as possible before joining. We believe in making informed decisions, and we want you to do the same when it comes to us! Please carefully read through our Rates & Policies page as well as through the Policies & Terms, Photo and Media Release, and Assumption of Risk/Waiver and Release of Liability/Indemnity sections on our Online Registration Form that you must agree to when your child participates in any Dance Daze® program.

3. When you register in advance, it saves everyone time. Whether you register before your first class or complete our Registration Form before your child is allowed to participate in class with us, it has to get done. When it’s time for class, we are really focused on creating magical movement-based moments with our students, and every minute of our class counts! Therefore, we don’t want your child to miss any minute of their dance class, due to an incomplete Registration Form, and we don’t want to interrupt our dance lesson to make sure you register. So, help us both out! Get the Registration Form done before your child’s first dance class with us!

4. Registering ensures we’re both prepared in case of an emergency. Although it may seem like we’re asking for a lot of information, knowing facts such as your child’s emergency contact, doctor’s name, and medical insurance policy number will help both you and us out in case of an emergency. By providing us with this extremely important information on your completed Registration Form, you let us know what kind of care your child should receive in case of an emergency, and you know that we have that information and will rely on it. We really appreciate you helping us with our commitment to safety!


Get your Registration Form completed today! We’ll look forward to seeing you on January 10th for your child’s first dance class with Dance Daze® Davis!

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