Dance Class Deal for New Dance Daze Davis Students

IMG_5148Dance Daze Davis summer dance classes will be held for 6 weeks on Saturdays at El Macero Country Club. Classes are offered for children ages 2.5 to 14 and will include movement games, story telling, and other engaging activities to get kids excited about dance and expanding their dance and movement vocabulary. Children who have never before taken classes with Dance Daze Davis are invited to participate in the Summer Session for 50% off the regular class price, by purchasing a LivingSocial Deal and registering for Dance Daze Davis classes online. To learn more about the Dance Daze Davis Summer Session, families may download the Dance Daze Davis Summer Session Flier or visit Please note: The LivingSocial Deal is only available for students who have not previously taken classes with Dance Daze Davis.

Summer Saturdays with Dance Daze Davis

DanceDaze-ElMacero1AChildren will have so much fun dancing with Dance Daze Davis this summer! Students ages 2.5 to 5 may enroll in one of our Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet classes, where they will do a dance warm-up, complete an engaging activity, and learn a developmentally-appropriate dance in each class. Students ages 6 to 14 may enroll in Ballet 1 & 2 or Hip Hop/Jazz. In these classes, students will learn dance vocabulary, begin a dance journal, and learn new choreography to theme-related music in each class. All students will take home a completed project each week. Dance Daze Davis classes are held at El Macero Country Club, located at 44571 Clubhouse Drive, El Macero, CA, 95618. Register for the Dance Daze Davis Summer Session at


Fun Surprises in Dance Daze Davis Creative Movement

The first half of the Dance Daze® Davis Spring Session has been tons of fun! We had many new faces try our dance classes, grew the size of our Hip Hop dance class, participated in El Macero Country Club’s Open House, took on an awesome dance class aide, and improved the perks for those who become members of Dance Daze® Davis.


In our last Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet classes on Saturday, May 16th, we had fun with new activities and brand-new props! In addition to our stretching, warm-up, beginning ballet technique, and free dance parts of class, we found time to play a game of Simon Says, walk across our new curvy balance beam, and to move our bodies with our new, colorful hula hoops!


We have new surprises coming for our students next week, and we look forward to introducing them in class!

Dance Daze Had A Blast At the El Macero Country Club Open House!


We had so much fun at the El Macero Country Club free Open House on Sunday, May 3rd, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm! Our booth was right next to the swimming pool, and we had colorful hula hoops and free bracelets to give away to kids who stopped by our table. Dance Daze founder Saumirah McWoodson also had a great time playing musical tunes, from the likes of Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, etc., from her old iPod! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table! Please email with any questions about our Saturday dance classes at El Macero Country Club. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

DanceDaze-ElMacero3A DanceDaze-ElMacero5ADanceDaze-ElMacero2A DanceDaze-ElMacero4A

Dance Daze Classes Are Growing at El Macero Country Club!

We had our first classes of our 2015 Spring Session on Saturday, April 25th. We love having our dance classes at the gorgeous El Macero Country Club, and we are so happy that our classes are growing! Six more classes remain in this Spring Session, and we look forward to dancing with you next weekend.

IMG_5128  IMG_5142  IMG_5148

We Love Dancing at El Macero!

We began our dance classes at El Macero Country Club on Saturday, February 14th! We love our new dance space so much and are excited for new adventures in our new location. There are 3 more classes in our Winter 2015 Session, and our Spring Session begins on April 25th. (The dates for our Spring Session: April 25th, May 2nd, May 9th, May 16th, May 23rd, May 30th, and June 13th.) Find photos from our first classes at EMCC below!


dancedaze-elmacero2 dancedaze-elmacero4

Dance Daze® Davis Spring 2015 Session Dates Announced!



*Updated 3/2/15

For those who like to get a head-start on planning and scheduling, we want to make sure that we help you with that! Our current anticipated 2015 Spring Session dates are listed below. As these are currently only anticipated dates, they are subject to change. However, we will confirm the session dates in our future emails to Dance Daze Davis parents and families.

  1. April 25th
  2. May 2nd
  3. May 9th
  4. May 16th
  5. May 23rd
  6. May 30th
  7. June 13th

Also: Please remember to complete our January 2015 Mid-Session Survey! We really appreciate you taking the time to do this! The information we’ll collect also helps us better serve our dancers, their families, and the community!


Enjoy the rest of your week!

Opening Day Success!

Our first day of classes in Davis was a success! We were so happy to meet all of our new dancers and their families! Several students who will be involved for our entire Winter Session were unable to attend the first day of class on Saturday, January 10th, and we look forward to meeting them in our next classes on Saturday, January, 17th.

Dance Daze Pre-Ballet

Quick reminders:

  1. Please make sure your child’s long hair is pulled back into a bun or a ponytail for all dance classes. (A bun is required for Ballet 1 and Ballet 2 classes.) Short hair should be pushed or pinned back away from the face.
  2. If you did not receive our first Newsletter, which was sent out last Friday, you can sign up to receive the Dance Daze® Davis Monthly Newsletter by clicking HERE and entering your name and email address. (I know, the link looks spammy. Don’t worry–It’s legit.)
  3. We will have volunteers from the Iota Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at UC Davis with us again next Saturday! Be sure to thank them for their service to our community!

For those who are planning ahead: We will post the dates for our 10-week Spring Session soon. You will need to register and pay for the entire session by February 28th to avoid a $20 Late Fee! The first day of our Spring Session will be Saturday, April 4th.

Thank you for dancing with us and we look forward to seeing you Saturday!

What to Expect in a Dance Daze Creative Movement Class

I am so excited to bring Dance Daze® Creative Movement classes to children in Davis! While I enjoy teaching and performing many genres of dance, I have a special fondness for Creative Movement. Introducing our youngest dancers to the world of dance gives me a huge sense of pride and responsibility. Also, I love providing a class that caters specifically to a child’s current developmental stage and ideally supports skills that they may also be learning at home or in preschool.


Dance Daze® Creative Movement classes are planned down to the minute, including time for opening and closing activities and even time for our transitions, which are almost always done to music. Students will enter class and find a mat or a “spot” to sit or stand on. Each class will open with a movement-related “ice-breaker” or “warm-up” activity or exercise that will help the students become more comfortable with each other and help their teacher get to know them better as people and dancers. Their teacher will guide them through a class that reinforces learning fundamental movement vocabulary, using our imaginations, building our developing muscles in the right way, and becoming comfortable dancing in our personal space and in shared space. The Dance Daze® Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet combo class includes all of the above and students are additionally introduced to beginning ballet terminology and positions of the feet and arms.


In each Dance Daze® Creative Movement class, students will have the opportunity to use props to explore movement. Each class will focus on a different main prop and emphasizing different ways to move with that specific prop. Sometimes, we will use maracas to help us explore the rhythm found in a certain type of music. We may use a parachute to assist us in feeling the ways in which our arms can curve and generate different wave-like patterns. At times, we may play games similar to “Red Light, Green Light” that will challenge us to use our imaginations in a healthy, competitive, game-based way.

I can’t wait to meet your children and dance with them in January! Remember to snag our LivingSocial deal to have your child try their first 4 classes with us for just $19!

– Saumirah

Dance Daze Will Be Teaching Tap and Hip Hop at Peregrine School!

We are so excited to officially announce that we will be teaching both tap and hip hop classes on weekday afternoons at Peregrine School in Davis! These classes will be open to students from all schools, in grades K through 6. We are completely thrilled to continue developing our community partnerships in Davis! To learn more about these classes, please visit:

Dance Daze at Peregrine